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Affordable Water Offers State-of-the-Art Water Treatment Technology
to Provide Clean & Pure Water for Your Business

Your employees deserve clean, fresh and good tasting water. Affordable Water can provide that for you with a system that’s right for your needs. We use only leading manufacturers and suppliers of ion exchange systems for softening and demineralization applications.

Our Commercial Softener Systems:
Affordable Water offers an advanced line of softeners to reduce the accumulation of harmful scale in equipment caused by iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese ions. Softened water replaces those ions with sodium to improve efficiency of equipment without anti-scalant chemicals, resulting in both immediate and long-term cost reduction.

The 2850 and 2900 Series Softening Systems and top-mounted designs rated for capacities up to 600,000 grains and flows up to 87 gpm. The 3900 Series Softening Systems are also top-mounted designs, with unit capacities up to 1.8 million grains and flows to 250 gpm. These systems are standard with NSF-approved, UL-listed, fiberglass reinforced resin tanks. Regeneration can be initiated manually or automatically via a 7/12 day clock or flow totalizing meter.

Affordable Water also offers the 9000 and 9500 Series Twin Tank Systems with 1″ and 1-1/2″ meter sizes respectively. These softening systems are ideal for industrial and commercial applications when twin tank conditioning is required. These Systems offer automatic five-cycle processing, all with conditioned water.

All of Affordable Water’s softening systems are available in multiple unit configurations to provide for stand-by capability, continuous operation or higher capacities. All resin for Affordable Water systems is FDA and EPA approved for drinking water applications.

Our Commercial Purification Systems:
Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems can help reduce turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved solids and organic substances. This step will help you increase the efficiency of your equipment and processes, resulting in substantial cost savings and reducing the need for chemical regenerants, in most cases. Call Affordable Water for a professional consultation and quote.

200 to 800 Gallons Per Day:

nimbus_logo_125WNimbus H-Series
The H-Series has a horizontal vessel configuration for a compact profile. These systems can be floor or wall-mounted. Pre and post filtration options are available.

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For high recovery, low wastewater systems, see the Green by Design® H-Series.
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2,000 to More Than 100,000 Gallons Per Day:

Nimbus CIV Series
The CIV-Series features a space-saving vertical vessel configuration with a variety of pump and pressure vessel options. System monitoring is simplified with the integrated TDS and flow meters, standard on the CIV 6000 and CIV 8000 models; optional on the CIV 1600 and CIV 4000. The CIV-Series is also available with stainless steel components for aseptic or extra-heavy duty applications.

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We offer a commercial system for every type of business and our goal is to provide you with
the best system to suit your needs.