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Salt-Free Systems Are Not The Answer: A Traditional Water Softening System
is the Best Remedy For Removing Scale & Buildup

Salt-free water softeners are not really softeners; they are better known as descalers. A descaler doesn’t actually “soften” the water (remove dissolved minerals) and where water sits, as in your water heater, scale will still form. A descaler, (Salt Free Softener) does not remove dissolved solids. You can only soften the water by removing the calcium and magnesium and replacing it with sodium (salt) or potassium.

Water softeners run the water through resin beads where the calcium and magnesium ions switch places with sodium ions, leaving the water soft. No scale in your pipes or on your body is left because the mineral that would form it is now gone, but you can only remove it with a softener that removes the calcium and magnesium. Descalers do not do this!

Laboratory tests by third parties (like the Army Corp of Engineers) have shown that descalers (salt-free systems) do not deliver the benefits of water softeners, such as brighter laundry, softer skin and the reduction of water spots on glassware, dishes and shower doors.

While salt-free systems may claim to reduce scale and calcium build up, it has been noted that these products do not work in all water conditions nor do they work consistently.

Click here to download PDF test results from the Army Corp of Engineers.

All of Affordable Water’s softening systems can use potassium chloride as an alternative to sodium chloride.

Your best bet for better water is to install a traditional water softening system. Affordable Water will meet with you and offer guidance on the best system for your needs. Call us today at 904-262-0197.